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UBOAF is a quintet based out of Paterson, and Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Being one of the youngest bands to headline in their hometown, UBOAF, which stands for Understood By Only A Few, has made a name for themselves in their native state of New jersey. They have had the oportunity to play with national acts such as The Misfits, and Biohazard, and numerous shows with local heroes My Only Hope, and One Lump Sum. On August 28th, 2004, the band released their first full length album, "Second Chance At Misery", which was a dark trip through the mind of vocalist, Victor Rodriguez. Since the release of their album, they have gained positive feedback from radio stations and webzines, and the band wasted no time. They started to take time off to write new material, and in December 2004, went in to Mega Volt Productions with producer Kraig Marshall (MvM, State Of Revolution) and cut a 3-song EP titled "Teaser". With 'Teaser' the band took a new approach with their sound, blending in metal with post-hardcore. With their brutal breakdowns, catchy melodic choruses, and raw agression, Uboaf is sure to catch your attention. The band is best known for their live performance. They display a high level of energy which is a give and take for the crowd. 2005 is going to be a great year for UBOAF.

Vic - Lead Vocals
Danny "db0Y" - Drums, Vocals
Mush - Guitar
Sal - Guitar
David - Bass